Theme Classes

Fun cooking lesson/courses with professional chef Nadin Pospech

 Cooking lessons are aimed at beginners, domestics and enthusiastic food lovers to experiment with new dishes and learn some tricks and tips in the kitchen.

The emphasis is on easy to prepare, healthy dishes & cooking technology with a bit of a difference, using fresh ingredients, authentic spices and fresh Herbs

French Cuisine, (3 course meal) | Book Now

14th August 2017 | R490p.p./ R950p.couple at 6.30pm

All Seafood (Paella, Tempura Prawns, Mussels,…) | Book Now

21st August 2017 | R490p.p./ R950p.couple at 6.30pm

Homemade Pasta & sauces incl. Ravioli, Tortellini | Book Now

28th August 2017| R490p.p./ R950p.couple at 6.30pm

Sushi workshop | Book Now

4th September 2017| R490p.p./ R950p.couple at 6.30pm

 ** Or Book The Complete 4 lesson Course for R1660 | Book Now **

Innovative Vegetarian | Book Now 

24th August 2017| R490p.p./ R950p.couple at 6.30pm

Sushi Workshop | Book Now

4th September 2017| R490p.p./ R950p.couple | 6:30pm – 10pm

 baking so easy and delicious | Book Now

7th September 2017 | R490p.p./ R950p.couple

Thai Food made so easy | Book Now

31st July 2017  |  R490p.p./ R950p.couple

Chocolate desserts sooo delicious | Book Now

7th August 2017 |  R490p.p./ R950p.couple

Fine Dining (3 Course) | Book Now

18th September 2017 |  R490p.p./ R950p.couple

Cape Malay cooking with Guest Teacher (Halaal) | Book Now

4th July 2017  | R490p.p./ R950p.couple

Traditional Indian Cuisine with Guest Teacher (Halaal)| Book Now

11th July 2017  | R490p.p./ R950p.couple

Greek cuisine 3 course meal with guest teacher| Book Now

27th June 2017 | R490p.p./ R950p.couple

Summer Salads| Book Now

TBC October 2017 | R490p.p./ R950p.couple

Easy Food for busy moms | Book Now

please inquire |  R490p.p./ R950p.couple

German/Swiss Food sooo delish | Book Now

12th September 2017 | R490p.p./ R950p.couple

Winter comfort Food | Book Now

 18th July 2017 | R490p.p./ R950p.couple

Vegan Vegetarian | Book Now

11th September 2017 | R490p.p./ R950p.couple

Party Snacks & Dips | Book Now

13th September 2017 | R490p.p./ R950p.couple Lunchtime

Breakfast for Sunday | Book Now

19th September 2017 |  R490p.p./ R950p.couple


Cooking lessons start 6.30pm for 3 1/2 hours

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